The tasty mountainous chickens PINDOS

Get to know the PINDOS products

Fresh chickensat the top!

Tasty mountainous fresh chickens! Growing in mountainous climate makes the taste unbeatable. A trial immediately convinces that this mountainous flavor is incomparable!

The most modern facilites,the strictest qualitative controls and the most valid certifications bring the chicken PINDOS to the top of flavor and your peference.

Frozen chickensnot compared in flavor to any other

Each Pindos chicken is reared in a mountainous environment, at an altitude of over 700 meters. Fed with absolutely plant food. Produced in the most modern facilities. Strictly controlled by the most authoritative certification bodies and institutions. Arrives at your table, offering a top mountainous taste! Conquer it, enjoy it!

Ready cookedneed only heating!

For the production of itsready cooked products, PINDOS has summoned the most modern methods available to the current technology of poultry farming. A packaging method in modified atmospheres always follows to deliver the best products to its consumers. Pindos offers assured quality and incomparable taste!

Organically Rearedborn and bred...healthy!

If you insist on organic, then your natural selection in chicken is the Organically Reared Chicken Pindos. Grows in a mountainous environment and at an altitude of 700m. Fed only with certified foods, that have been produced using organic raw materials. Grows up purely and completely, (slaughtered after 81 days) to provide naturally the authentic mountainous flavor to your dish.

Free rangetasty, mountainous, free and nice!

The free range chickens Pindos follow the traditional way of farming and grow only with certified foods of organic agriculture.

They grow so naturally at an altitude of over 700m. to offer you totally healthy meat, with no fat and an incomparable mountainous flavor.

Οnly Pindos can guarantee you such freedom!

Cold cuts & Eggsincomparable taste!

Pindos in response to your every need and preference, produces cold cuts with respect to the consumers and with the reliability of quality and authentic taste. The cold cuts are made from selected chickens Pindos and maintain high standards at all stages of the production process.

Try them and meet the top taste of Pindos mountainous chickens.

Gyrosthe gyros of Pindos!

With the delicious gyros of chicken Pindos, your dishes become interesting.

Gyros of chicken's breast and leg with the unsurpassed taste of the mountainous. Produced in modern facilities of the Ioannina Agricultural Poultry Cooperative Pindos, in specially designated areas, under strict quality controls.