Fully vertical structured production line


Avicolous enterprise AGROZOI resides in N. Artaki - Evia and belongs in the group of PINDOS enterprises.

In its installations occupies above 130 workers and collaborates with 60 poulterers.It constitutes a fully organized enterprise that includes slaughter house, hatchery house and feed mill.

Its production exceeds 6 million chickens per year. Its products are addressed mainly in the market of Athens and for their distribution AGROZOI has in her disposal a privately-owned fleet that exceeds 60 Lorries and refrigerators.

For example, the company's turnover for the last years was:

2010 20 million euros.

2011 18,8 million euros.

2012 20,7 million euros.

2013 21,8 million euros.

2014 21 million euros.

2015 20 million euros.

2016 21 million euros.

2017 24 million euros.