New company dealing with environmental issues


The following are serving on the interim Board of Directors:

  • Mpletsas Charilaos
  • Liouris Vasileios
  • Rarra Stasini
  • Georgoulas Konstantinos
  • Vranos Stavros

The new company dealing with environmental issues is now operational, formed under the name "AGROTIKI ANAPTYXIAKI (AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT) S.A. - PINDOS" and trading as "GREEN PINDOS S.A.".

Its initial capital of €60,000 will be increased to €500,000 within two months by decision of the Board of Directors, once all of the producers buy into the share capital according to the size of their property as decided by the BoD.


The purpose of the company is to develop business activities at home and abroad along the following key directions:

1. Developing renewable energy sources (RES) and other sources to produce electricity or heat. Such sources are defined as:

  • Hydro energy
  • Natural gas
  • Wind potential
  • Solar energy - Photovoltaic systems
  • Biomass
  • Geothermal fields

2. Establishing and operating facilities to utilise slaughterhouse by-products, poultry farm waste and biological treatment waste.

3. Collecting and transporting dead birds and poultry farm waste.

4. Establishing and operating facilities to produce biodiesel and biogas.

5. Constructing RES and other energy source facilities for third parties.

6. Representing companies that build RES facilities, trading materials essential to constructing and operating such facilities and maintaining RES facilities.

7. Establishing and operating retail stores for agricultural products and mass catering businesses.

8. Establishing and operating agricultural product exhibition centres.

9. Representing and brokering for insurance companies.

10. Preparing studies on:

  • Economic activity sectors.
  • Feasibility of investment plan implementation.
  • Regional development and decentralisation.
  • Introduction of IT systems.
  • Organisation, marketing and strategic planning.
  • Technical and technological studies.
  • Environmental protection and use of environmentally friendly energy sources.

11. Participating in research and development programmes in Greece and the European Union, as well as providing specific services for planning and management to organisations concerned (Greek and community authorities, European businesses and organisations) to support them in effectively implementing major projects and development programmes.

12. Defining and undertaking the necessary initiatives to provide and utilise new services and products, assimilating technological know-how, and training and providing information to specialised groups on the possibilities offered by modern IT and telecommunications.

13. Designing and implementing vocational training, analysis, labour market and human resources programmes.