A big name!


Agricultural Poultry Cooperative PINDOS is the major Greek Poultry Cooperative. Since 1958 is constantly expanding on Greek and international market. PINDOS is setting very high quality and safety standards and focusing on business development through customer satisfaction:


  • 500 members-farmers raising poultry since 1958
  • 900 people staff inspecting chicken and monitoring every production step
  • Modern facilities applying cutting edge technology


  • Ioannina mountainous area and Epirus in general, provides an ideal farming environment.
  • Pure, safe and non GMO feed.
  • Cooperation with University of Ioannina and numerous other national and international universities and institutes.


  • Microbiological and chemical tests are carried out on modern quality control laboratories on daily basis.
  • Chicken flocks health is monitored by our Vets and Animal Scientists every day.
  • Food Safety Management System (ISO 22000 accreditation) and 100% Feed of plant origin (AGROCET accreditation) are verifying our products safety and wholesomeness.
  • Of ficial inspectors are monitoring our production every day.