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Board of directors members

The "PINDOS" loannina Agricultural Poultry Farming Cooperative is administrated by a 15 member board of directors, which is elected by the General Assembly of the members (every 4 years) and a Supervisory Council with 3 members.

Board of directors

President: Dimitriou Andreas

Vice-President: Stamatis Stauros

Vice-President: Tzimas Dimitrios

Vice-President: Tsantas Konstantinos

Supervisor Ε.Ε.: Dimos Ioannis

Board of directors members

1.Prentzas Evaggelos

2.Kassis Aristidis

3.Mpletsas Xarilaos

4.Rarra Stasini

5.Kakos Euthimios

6.Giotistas Anastasios

7.Liouris Vasileios

8.Mpalantanis Iraklis

9.Sianavas Xristos

10.Tasioulas Anastasios

Supervisory council

President: Tsiokas Mixail

Members of supervisory council

1.Stilios Filippos

2.Logothetis Panagiotis

General Management

General Director: Tsakanikas Lazaros

Financial Director: Lekkas Nikolaos

Technical Director: Zonios Petros

Commercial Director: Sampatakakis Aggelos