66 years carry values ​​in nutrition!

Local society

PINDOS is a vital and important part of Ioannina society. It is based and operates on Ioannina prefecture and the region of Epirus. PINDOS actively participates at local society improvement and development.

Our main facilities (such as farms, slaughterhouse, feed-mill, hatchery, administration) are based at Rodotopi (near Ioannina). Distribution centers are also based at main cities all over Greece, namely Athens (Menidi, Renti), Salonika, Veria, Agrinio, Patra, Korith, Tripolis, Libadia, Larisa, Heraklio, Hania and Kozani.

Our staff (900 people) comes from local society and their income is an important factor to regional economic environment. We have strong economic interaction with many farmers, suppliers and institutions the area. We develop a dynamic and important and local commodity market.

Having always in mind our social responsibility, we are aiming at being ideal social partner. We are developing social, cultural, and charity projects on local and national level.